AU*Organic Salon: WEHO Art Crawl on April 4 featuring Shaun Shiveley and Brian Dickerson

Please join us this Saturday, April 4 from 6-8pm at Atelier Upton Salon for the Wedgewood/Houston Art Crawl!

Featuring Shaun Shiveley and Brian Dickerson!

Enjoy a glass of vino with us!


Current Exhibits:

Shaun Shiveley; abstract artist

Inspired by the art of Joan Miro and his use of color and symbolism, Shaun Shiveley incorporates precisely drawn shapes and bold colors to represent her explorations of what happiness looks like. She creates her art from a place of subconscious joy and believes that through this expression she brings joy and positive energy into the world. Her vibrant, non-objective paintings encourage viewers' imaginations and free them to explore thier own sense of happiness.


Brian Dickerson; doodler

Doodle - "meaningless drawings and scribbles, usually made while thinking, talking or listening".

Brian, or "bcd" as he refers to himself on social networking sites containing his works, will only describe his creative outputs as "doodles," but secretly he knows what he produces is anything but meaningless. The process is his reward. A process which he compares to meditation.  A process only recently discovered while spending 30 days unplugged from the fast paced electronic lives we now live.  Emerging from 23 years in the corporate world, there is no plan, goal, or deadline to meet. Now there is just the rhythmic march of line to shape to doodle, and if he is honest with you, to meaning.   The end result could be described in terms of abstraction and surrealism, or, to please the creator, simply just a "doodle."

Hope to see you there!!