AU*Organic Salon & Red Arrow Gallery showcase at WEHO Art Crawl, Sat June 6

Join Atelier Upton Salon and The Red Arrow Gallery - East Nashville as they team up to bring Red Arrow artists to the June Wedgewood-Houston Art Crawl! 

5-8pm / Vino Reception / Saturday, June 6                                                                                Atelier Upton Salon /223 Chestnut Street / Nashville, TN 37216 / 901.832.5530

This month will again feature work from William Loveless, Kay Tuttle, and Karine Swenson.

June Featured Artists: 

Kay Tuttle

This series of work consists of commercial imagery drawn and painted on top of vintage animal prints. The antique prints reference a world that is disappearing and may be lost to us. The consumer items symbolize the everyday choices we make and how these decisions affect the natural world around us. Conflict and confusion are shown in the intermingling of the two separate visual images- animals are obliterated completely or only parts show through, or the the animals exist only to advertise the objects. Ambiguity is represented by the sensuality and attractiveness of the objects, man made objects of desire.

Karine Swenson

Swenson began this series with small studies in watercolor and gouache. She was searching for forms that had a connection to nature, but were not representative of any specific natural object. The paintings sit somewhere between pure abstraction and realism. Rather than using a fluid oil paint to re-create the lovely effects of watercolor, Swenson has rendered each form, using drawing skills and a keen eye. Swenson wanted to take something that appeared almost by chance and replicate it with intention. 

They feel like familiar shapes, yet they flirt with mystery.

William Loveless

This unique Glue Painting process has been in development for 20 years. It involves an original wet-on-wet technique that yields an intricate patterned surface of milky translucence. Microcosmic, macrocosmic, biological, and fractal references are invoked and implied.


Red Arrow Mission Statement:

The Red Arrow Gallery presents museum-caliber exhibitions by local and international artists working in all media. We are particularly devoted to developing and launching the careers of emerging and under-recognized artists at varying stages in their careers. Our goal is to respond quickly to what’s happening in the contemporary art scene, to encourage artists to experiment freely, and to educate art enthusiasts and collectors about new work. We strive to create an environment that is both risk-taking and welcoming for artists, collectors, and art appreciators alike. /